An Odd View Into the Promotional Modeling Industry

A friend of mine posted this article on social media today and of course I had to read it. I love the promotional modeling industry, I have worked in it for many, many years. This industry is so much more than pretty girls and nice bodies. I’ve worked hundreds of events and I can say that I have never worn anything inappropriate, felt slutty or guilty about what I was doing. This article was hard for me to read. I started working events when I was 18 in Wisconsin and always looked at it as an opportunity to get experience, have fun, make money, and meet people. Maybe there are girls that look at it as a competition, a way to get attention, or an opportunity for conflict, but I never did. I used this industry as a stepping stone to gain experience, open my own agency, and do some pretty amazing things. I was excited to read this article and I think it would be a whole different scenario if promotional models that I know were interviewed. Any feedback?

Team Pink Avenue