It’s Time for Another Pink Avenue Models Pet Peeve

It’s time for another Pink Avenue Models pet peeve! The team does most of the staffing in house, we have a database of thousands of models from all parts of the country. These models have been chosen based on experience, photos, and recommendations. These are the models that we trust and reach out to when we have an event in their area. Sometimes we need help and use the job boards on social media sites, it happens. I am currently staffing for a trade show and most of the models are booked, this happens every time no matter where this trade show is located. Almost every exhibitor hires talent, we hired over 70 models the last time this convention came to Chicago.

With all of this said, we posted on a job board this week so we could find new talent. We laid all of the details out, the name of the event, the location, the dates/hours, attire, rate of pay, responsibilities and even mentioned that you must be available for all dates and times. What responses did we get in return? Promotional models said they could work 2/3 days, promotional models said they could work part of the day but would have to leave early, promotional models asked for travel even though we mentioned this is for local talent only. We should not receive these responses. We only work with talent 18+, everyone is capable of reading and following directions. This is very frustrating for the agency and our client. When you tell us that you are available we submit you to the client and if the client selects you and you’re suddenly unavailable it doesn’t look good. The point of this post is to rant a little bit but to remind people in this industry to read the posts all the way through!

Team Pink Avenue