When Is It Time To Leave The Promotional Modeling Industry?

A friend of mine worked a trade show the other day and she realized that she in no longer interested in working in this industry. She said standing there for hours and hours was extremely boring, the comments from the male attendees were disrespectful and uncalled for and she felt like she wasn’t respected and was looked at as just a pretty face. The pay was $50 per hour and that didn’t matter to her anymore. She felt like a piece of meat and that she was hired to be stared at. I listened and could completely relate. I had the same feelings and knew it was time to move on. When I first moved to Chicago I booked every trade show and event that I could, I never said no to work. One day I realized that I was in my early 20’s and I wasn’t going out with friends, I wasn’t meeting new people, I wasn’t dating, and I wasn’t living in a city that I paid so much to live in. The guys I did meet didn’t want to date a girl that was in bars or at events getting hit on all the time. I felt alone and that made me work more so I would at least feel busy. I missed out on bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and hanging out like all of my friends were. I finally realized that working and making money wasn’t going to make me happy. I want to work to live not live to work.

The reason for this blog is to encourage people to do what makes them happy and if you aren’t happy with what you are doing change it! My friend was miserable at the trade show and realized that she wants more and has outgrown this industry. She’s worried that she has spent so many years working as a promotional model that it will be hard for her to get into something more corporate. Thoughts?

Team Pink Avenue