What Happens When You Don’t Show Up To Your Scheduled Event

It’s time for another Pink Avenue rant and tonight I am furious. I will never understand why promotional models back out last minute, don’t show up, or send a text message minutes before an event with an excuse that I have heard a million times. I can not stress how many people are inconvenienced by someone’s actions. Here is a break down of what happens when someone doesn’t work the shift they agreed to.

The clients plans are ruined. You were hired for a reason, to do a job, and to assist the client with their event. Sometimes it is impossible to find a replacement, especially last minute. Example: The last time NACS was in Chicago our agency staffed 70 models for the event, 70. It was impossible to find replacements, this is a huge show and almost every booth needs assistance.

You make me and our company look horrible and unprofessional. I can’t even count all of the clients that we have lost because of the actions of promotional models. I am great at communication, I have a degree in it. I make sure to send you all the details you need, the contact info, keep in touch throughout the booking and send a reminder email. We are all adults and I shouldn’t have to hold your hand through the process, but I do.

You ruin your reputation. We all talk and if you screw us over I will try my hardest to make sure that you do not do it to a coworker or friend. I have been in this industry for a long time and it’s how it goes. We want the best, not unreliable staff.

You ruin the day. NACS started today and instead of paying attention to other clients, new business, and the daily tasks I spent hours trying to replace you. It’s selfish.

I have said this a million times, this industry is fun but it is a job and can be a career for some. If you do not  want to work, are unprofessional, unreliable, and have a history of messing around with agencies you do not belong in this line of work. We want outgoing talent that enjoys working and needs to make money. I remember what it was like when I first started, I worked everything because I had to. I lived in downtown Chicago and had to pay bills, rent, car payments, groceries, gas & electric, cell phone, internet, student loans and a credit card. I wouldn’t turn down $500 dollars from a fun trade show.

The point is… be better. It is not acceptable to do the things that promotional models do, it isn’t fair to the agency, client or the rest of the team. It is time consuming to book events. There is a lot of back and forth contact with the clients and the models, the contracts on all ends, it all takes time.

It’s now 10pm and I am still working on finding replacements 12 hours later. Thank you.

Team Pink Avenue